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Planning and Purchasing

  • Tactical and Operational Planning in Mierzyn

    #OperationalAndTacticalPlanningOfProduction #ProductionPlanFulfillment #DeliveryChain #SupplyPolicy #ProcessOptimisation #Forecasting

    • Tackle unique challenges on a daily basis and work out many production plans.
    • Solve issues, regardless of the challenges ahead owing to your flexible attitude.
    • See the entire chain of our company, develop your skills in various projects and initiatives.
    • Take part in global projects, cooperating with departments from various areas of our company.
    • Use your energy, openness, communicative skills, working in a well-organised team.
    • Join us to overcome obstacles and stabilise any process the future might hold.
  • Operational Purchasing in Mierzyn

    #OrderingMaterials #SupplyOptimisation #SupplierManagement #DeliveryChainImprovement

    • Be a key player in ensuring the highest quality of the supply chain.
    • Participate in managing a first-rate base of suppliers located around the globe.
    • Use your skills in business communication and foreign languages.
    • Put your analytical and creative skills to use in order to achieve more.
    • Your ideas and proposals will be important in improving processes and best practices.
    • Get the opportunity to grow - we share knowledge and experience with each other.

    Purchasing Operational Manager

    Work in our department is much more than shopping for components - we buy opportunities, which enable us to help those with hearing loss.