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Administration in Demant

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  • You gain plenty of opportunities for continuous development as part of a rapid response team. 
  • You constantly meet new people, and every day is interesting and dynamic. 
  • You handle diverse, complex tasks that expand your skills (we don't make coffee!). 
  • You coordinate cooperation with external companies. 
  • You know the company like no one else by working with many departments. 
  • You care about creating a friendly work environment for all employees. 
  • You welcome guests from all over the world, organize trips near and far. 
  • Your work is a pleasure and good entertainment - events and celebrations! 
  • You work in a friendly atmosphere, in a strong, cohesive team. 
  • administracja_ludzie_bs_1_400x400_

    Administration in Szczecin

    Office Administration Manager

    Administration different than others.
  • administracja_ludzie2

    Administration in Mierzyn

    Office Administration Team Lead

    With impossible tasks we deal right away, only miracles take some time.
  • katarzyna-gronkiewicz

    Administration in Warsaw


    Office Administration Manager

    In the administration department, there's no time for boredom because even coffee has its deadlines