Frequently asked questions about recruitment

  • When and how will I get feedback?
    We value your time and understand that you deserve a smooth recruitment process. We try to get back to you as soon as possible after the interview with feedback by phone or in writing.
  • Can I re-apply if the previous answer was negative?
    Yes, there is such a possibility. It also depends on the reasons of the negative outcome of the previous recruitment process.
  • Are the job offers on the Demant website up to date?
    Yes, all job offers found at the Demant website are up to date.
  • What are the stages of the recruitment process?
    Please go to the ‘Recruitment process’ page for more details.
  • How long is the whole recruitment process?
    The recruitment process includes both your individual recruitment process and the processes of other candidates. We try to give equal opportunities to all candidates in the process so it can take several weeks before we make the final decision.
  • How will I find out about the next recruitment steps?
    After the telephone interview we will schedule the date of the manual tests. Candidates are informed of the outcome of this meeting directly after the tests.
  • What should I do if I can't find any suitable job offer for me on the webpage?
    In this situation we suggest sending your CV to us (please see Job offers section) and checking the list of available vacancies on a daily basis.
  • What documents are required to apply for a job?
    All you have to do is apply for the job of your choice in our recruitment system and attach your current CV, preferably in English.
  • Can I deliver my CV directly to the headquarters?
    Applications are accepted only in electronic form.
  • I have sent my application. Will I receive feedback, even if it is negative?
    We contact selected candidates who meet the requirements listed in the job offer. The remaining candidates will receive information via e-mail about the completed recruitment process.
  • Can I apply for other positions if I fail with the current recruitment process?
    Yes. We encourage candidates to apply considering their competences.
  • Can I apply for different positions at once?
    Yes. The Demant recruitment system does not have any quantitative restrictions. We encourage candidates to apply for vacancies considering their competences.
  • What does an interview look like?
    Our interviews are either technical or general. At the technical interview you'll meet the Manager and someone from the team who is a technical expert in the relevant area. The aim of the interview is to assess your technical knowledge and your ability to apply it in practice (e.g. through live coding, performing of a task). At the general interview, you'll meet an HR representative and the Manager. The aim of this interview is to find out your motivation for changing jobs, your working style and your soft skills.
    During the interviews we also introduce our company, discuss the wider context of the position you are applying for and talk about the challenges you'll face.