Frequently asked questions about recruitment

  • When and how will I receive feedback?
    Candidates receive a reply within 2 weeks from the date of the interview by telephone or e-mail, unless there are individual arrangements.
  • Can I re-apply if the previous answer was negative?
    Yes. The only requirement is to be between 18 and 30 years of age (by year of birth).
  • Are the job offers on the Demant website up to date?
    Yes, all job offers found at the Demant website are up to date.
  • What are the stages of the recruitment process?
    Please go to the ‘Recruitment process’ page for more details.
  • How long is the recruitment process?
    The process consists of 2 stages: a recruitment meeting and a conversation on the presented internship offer. The length of the process depends on the department, to which the recruitment is taking place.
  • How will I find out about the next recruitment steps?
    After the recruitment interview, the recruiter will inform you on the further details of the recruitment process. The recruiter will inform you by phone or e-mail whether you qualify for the next stage.
  • What documents are needed for the recruitment process?
    Unless otherwise stated in the job offer, we normally ask for a CV and a cover letter.
  • Can I deliver my CV directly to the headquarters?
    Due to the care of the storage and processing of personal data contained in the application documents, we invite you to apply through our website or to the e-mail address in the job offer.
  • I have sent my application. Will I receive feedback, even if it is negative?
    We contact selected candidates who meet the requirements listed in the job offer. The remaining candidates will receive information via e-mail about the completed recruitment process.
  • Can I apply for other positions if I fail with the current recruitment process?
    Internships at the Demant are advertised as a single offer. Selected candidates are recommended to individual departments according to their qualifications. Applying for an internship does not exclude applying for a job vacancy.
  • Can I apply for different positions at once?
    Yes. The Demant recruitment system does not have any quantitative restrictions. We encourgae candidates to apply for vacancies considering their competences.
  • How will my recruitment meeting look like? What can I expect?
    The meeting consists of a presentation about the company. An HR representative and regional manager are both present during the meeting. Depending on the requirements for the post, part of the conversation may be in English; there may also be a test or a practical assignment.
  • Is the internship offer on the Demant website up to date?
    All internship offers found at the Demant website are up to date. Application are accepted throughout the year. If currently you cannot find any interested job offers please send your CV to Demant Career Center